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My daughter is two-years old and suffered 3 ear infections in just 4 months. It seemed that once we finished one round of antibiotics, we were starting another. After learning that these ear infections could continue to be a problem if I didn't take her to see an ENT specialist. At that first appointment, I got a better understanding of what was causing her so much pain and why the ear infections continued to be a problem. We created a treatment plan and haven't had much of a problem since. Visit my blog to learn a little about ear infections in toddlers and what can be done to stop them.

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3 Awesome Hearing Aid Designs

Many people used to take having to wear a hearing aid as a sign as them getting older, which was embarrassing. However, as a large segment of the population ages and needs to get a hearing aid, hearing aids are no longer sources of stigma. Instead, they are awesome opportunities to show your fashion sense, similar to how glasses are now fashion accessories instead of prompts for people to call you "four-eyes." Consider these four awesome hearing aid designs and see if any of them are right for you.

1. If You Have Gauges, Consider a Hearing Aid to Fill Those Holes

Gauges are a popular accessory that cause once small holes in a person's ear to be widened until a person's earlobe becomes a semi-permanent circle. If you want to continue this alternative lifestyle and ensure that the holes in your ears stay open, try getting a hearing aid that will allow you to plug those holes. They make hearing aids that are the same size and shape as gauges, but also have the same functionality as a normal hearing aid. The improved sounds are broadcasted into each of your ears through the use of a thin wire.

2. If You Love Music, Consider Showing the Waves of the Sounds You Hear

These earrings look like the fancier, block shaped earrings that modern women wear to gala openings, except instead of being studded with diamonds, they are studded with LEDs. These LEDs will change color whenever a relatively loud sound is being transmitted into your ears. This type of hearing aid will attract attention and show that you are in tune with the sounds that are around you. They're also just a really cool piece of technology that shows that you're comfortable with the fact that you need a hearing aid.

3. If You Love Jewelry, Try Crystal Studded Hearing Aids

Finally, amazing jewelry makers and hearing aid makers are teaming up to make hearing aids things of beauty. You can buy hearing aids in the shape of flowers, butterflies, and other beautiful symbols that both express your personality and help you accessorize your outfit. Most of these hearing aids are studded with crystals to enhance their beauty and ability attract attention.

For more ideas, talk to your audiologist or hearing specialist. He or she will have heard of other cool hearing aids that are currently on the market.